Sunday, August 20, 2017

Action Research in Education

This is an amazing way for teachers to show some initiative, make a huge impact on their students, their teaching practice, and student learning. The wider influence, school-wide, is obvious. It is the old train-the-trainer model. It's much more than professional development, and by celebrating research, innovation and achievement, we improvement to profession.

By crowd sourcing Action Research, educators can improve teaching practices.

My first piece of Action Research, was figuring out how to manage my split-grade classroom, back in the day (2000). Not a young teacher, I was amazed at the lack of literature on the subject. Many did research into homework practices, for example. The first thing one must do is research the practice of Action Research! As the editor of CJAR book reviews, I'm always looking for reviews for our journal.

Here are some texts, which provide a starting point.

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