Monday, May 16, 2016

A private Chinese school should lose Ontario accreditation

The Premier's trade mission to China, where Kathleen Wynne met with CIA executive director Jennifer Xue.

A private school in Shanghai that was recently touted as a shining example of the international partnership between China and the Ontario government is in danger of losing its authority to grant Ontario high school credits following an investigation into allegations of corruption.

It is not a surprise. There are many reasons why Ontario's Ministry of Education should have been much more vigilant. It is the culture, in China, to use bribery for profit, and to ensure students look good. What is more criminal is that Ontario wasn't talking to Canadian teachers, and inspecting more often. Yes, it'll cost money, but our international reputation is at stake.

It is allegedly a pay-for-access scam to allow students into Ontario Universities, after seemingly possessing high school credits. The course hours were too low, violating a ministry mandate, there weren't enough qualified teachers, students who were unable to speak English, paid a fee to retake exams to have a passing grade. When I see trade delegations traveling to other countries, I wonder the price Canadians pay for this? The Canadian teachers overseas were fired, and kicked out of the country. It is shameful. 

When I was teaching over 25 years, I would often have a student in Canada, living with an extended family relative in order to learn English, graduate with an Ontario diploma, and enable them to go to University here.  Heads should roll. These schools need to be closed.
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