Sunday, February 28, 2016

What is the future of higher education?

What caused me to quit my online M.A. in Counseling Psychology, was a male who was increasingly hostile, and showed signs of misogyny and used harassment to attack fellow students afraid to speak out. Then there were online profs, most from the US, who failed to appreciate Canadian values. Add overburdened profs who posted assignments, then delegated all actions to undergrad assistants. Then they demanded we all work in groups creating a presentation a week, requiring little of the profs.

This should, of course, read university students. We know how much young children depend upon hands-on learning. There are many distractions online: "You've got mail",  chat rooms, instagram, twitter notices...
Disruption has hit the university lecture hall - that is, if teaching is done in a lecture hall at all. Our series on the state of higher education continues with a discussion of the pleasures and pitfalls of the move away from traditional teaching methods toward screens, virtual classrooms and MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses.
Three educators join Michael to talk about taking advantage of digital technology, while avoiding its distractions.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

People for Education news

 This is an oranization well-worth following.

Reading our way into well-being

The National Reading Campaign is hosting a policy symposium, Making Change in Schools and Society: Reading our way into well-being, on February 5. The symposium will bring together policy makers, educators, researchers, library specialists and community advocates to explore the ways in which reading for pleasure can be enhanced in Canadian schools. How can we ensure that students have the opportunity to experience the joy of reading?
To read more, click here.

Government consultations focus on skills/job preparation

As part of the government's overall focus on jobs and the economy, the Premier has appointed an expert panel to develop a strategy for ensuring that Ontario has the highly-skilled workforce it needs to be competitive in today's economy.
The Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel and a provincial consultation onexperiential learning in Kindergarten to Grade 12, will focus on the skills and competencies that will prepare young people for future jobs.
  • Do you think K–12 and post-secondary students are being prepared appropriately to work in a knowledge-based economy? Contact the panel
  • Do you have ideas about how to provide more experiential learning for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12? Click here to read more.
  • Do you think the province should articulate broader goals for kindergarten to grade 12 education that include skills for work and the competencies and conditions that prepare students to live happy, healthy, economically secure, civically engaged lives? Find out more at Measuring What Matters.
May, 2016 is the deadline for feedback.

What's new on the website

Have you visited People for Education's website lately? It is a great place to start if you are looking for education information, including:
Don't forget to visit our Measuring What Matters micro-site to get the latest updates on the project and add your comments.

Social media this week

What people are talking about...

As US schools falter, Trump rises. Coincidence? Column says People for Education's Measuring What Matters initiative vital.
How to be a better parent. 4 secrets backed by research.
School hockey program in Northern Ontario helps keep kids in class / out of trouble.
Top 10 skills for jobs are all life skills, according to World Economic Forum.
Trent U is offering a new Indigenous Bachelor of Education degree program.
Column says schools cannot, on their own, compensate for uneven educational playing field caused by child poverty
15-country research initiative (including People for Education) looks for effective ways to measure broad areas of student learning.
When students took to social media to complain about the lack of a 'snow day', school boards were quick (and funny!) in their responses.
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Feb 6 –

The Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee is hosting a symposium for parents. This year's theme is "Building Parent Engagement Together". 

Feb 17 – Toronto

Join Les Tablettistes, a bilingual forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas, for an exploration of the challenges and opportunities for the future in a digital world.

Feb 18-19 – Toronto

Reading for the Love of It is an annual language arts and literacy conference held in Toronto. In 2016 the organization is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Feb 26 – Toronto

The Canadian Safe Schools Network is hosting its 19th Annual Safe Schools conference, with workshops on fostering and promoting student wellness. 

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