Thursday, December 31, 2015

Supporting Refugee Students: Strategies for Teachers

They say teachers are unprepared, but we are prepared for anything society throws at us. I have taught kids who fled the Gulf War, were some of the Vietnamese boat people, and those who fled war in Afghanistan. You cope. You support them. Mind you, it is different at the elementary level, but this is where your humanity must kick in.

Hugh John MacDonald School in WinnipegENCORE: Teachers struggle to prepare for needs of Syrian refugee children

Thousands of children entering public schools across this country are there as refugees of war. An expert on the integration of refugee children say Canadian teachers or their school systems are ill-prepared for the new arrivals.There are more resources.
By Jan Stewart
In the meantime, in nearby Carleton Place, a mother of three has lost her life in an horrific traffic incident on a snowy day. There is much on helping kids cope with death and bereavement. I hope they get much support. I have written and posted much on this topic: bereavement. It arises almost every school year.

This poor woman, age 29, with three kids.

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