Sunday, November 30, 2014

ClassDojo is a digital classroom management tool

This is an interesting high-tech tool, for teacher with some time to spend. ClassDojo is a tool to track children exhibiting particular behaviours. The teacher agrees to track certain behaviours, and reinforces the student when this behaviour is demonstrated.

behaviour management charts
Some say that the 'carrot and stick' mode of behaviour management is outmoded, but I disagree. This type of method tracks kids behaviour numerically. Unfortunately, some are using it to track negative behaviours, or deducting points for inappropriate behaviour.

This isn't the best method, in my experience, for improving behaviour in students who are working on their classroom self-control. I've used a fair number of tracking methods, but only for kids who need it. This seems humiliating if you have to be public about it.

There are privacy concerns about this tool, as parents can have access to the tracking system results. How humiliating to watch a kid having to walk up to a large SmartBoard and deduct a point.
There are some potential issues around the personal data collected and third party tools.

Personally, I liked my behaviour management charts. They are silent, easy, quick and do not embarrass the studetn.

New York Times article about ClassDojo and other tracking apps.

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