Thursday, September 4, 2014

Full-day Kindergarten: an ill-thought out plan

My granddaughter's class has 33 children in a room that isn't big enough. There isn't enough room for the kids to all go to the cubbies at the same time. This will impact on the school day.

I wonder what the building code says. The kids don't all fit into the cubby area at one time. They'll have to get ready to go home in waves. I shudder to think about the stress of lockdown practices, or fire drills, when two adults usher 33 kids out the door in the minute and a half the fire marshalls require.

We cannot afford this type of day care. Nor is it the best plan for our 3 and -year-olds.
Day Care Centres are going to close.
The social and emotional pressures are high in crowded classrooms.

Here are the stats:

 Ontario has staked its reputation on the success of the program, even though critics have characterized it as an expensive form of government-subsidized daycare that the Liberals, facing a $12.5-billion deficit.

  • 640 kindergarten classrooms, or 8 %, had more than 30 children in the past academic year, 
  • One SK classroom at the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board had 40 children. The board told The Globe that it ended up dividing the class. 
  • the government is spending more than $1.45-billion in capital costs to expand and retrofit schools, on top of millions in operating dollars.
Pre-school 'worksheets'
this is NOT learning
 In letters to ministry officials, parents described classrooms as “understaffed daycares,” “chaotic,” “overcrowded” and “hostile” environments for learning. One parent opted to put a child in a daycare kindergarten program, which has a lower student-teacher ratio (legislated at 1:8). Another parent kept her four-year-old daughter out of school.

This is art: doing a free drawing.
This is representation of an experience.
This is pre-reading: having a scribe to write your story.

Full steam ahead for full day kindergarten 

September 10, 2014 

The cost of all full day kindergarten projects for this implementation came to $4,100,332, which was a grant allocation from the Ontario Ministry of Education.

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