Monday, May 26, 2014

What is wrong with a dress code?

Who wants to stand at the front of a classroom, facing girls with nipples erect, bare bellies, afraid to bend of lean over, boys with t-shirt and foul language, underwear hanging out? There is nothing wrong with a dress code. We all have one in our workplace. I wouldn't got into my classroom wearing a skimpy outfit. It'd just gross everyone out. We dress for our purpose: to teach or learn. I don't like servers with nose rings and piercings. You wouldn't wear an evening gown to work in the ER! This chickie has it all wrong.

Dress codes are created with staff and parent councils. Just because overeager parents are being strange enforcers, doesn't mean there is something wrong with it.

I had a student who insisted on wearing yoga/dance pants to school, with the waist band folded down. She would seductively raise her arms, stretch, and let everyone see her belly. The boys didn't know where to look. Nor did I. This was in grade six.

Jessica Valenti: Dress codes assume that male students' education needs to be protected. What girls need doesn't rate
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