Friday, March 28, 2014

Full-day kindergarten offers no academic advantage, study says

This is so typical of education programs. We'll create something new, without studying the benefits and hazards beforehand. Cheap Ontario day care at $5 billion. Crowded schools, teachers who do not understand preschoolers. Give me ECE teachers, with 1:8 teacher:student ratios in comfortable environments, in properly fitted out day care centres, any day. More subsidies for the working poor, kids who need more stimulating environments and benefit from excellent programs. Otherwise, it's a waste of taxpayers dollars.

Happily, the other provinces have learned from Ontario's mistakes. Starting kids earlier in school doesn't make them smarter. It shoves them into an institution, well before they need to be in one.

Senior kindergarten at Epic School in Toronto. (Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail)

Full-day kindergarten offers no academic advantage, study says

A new study is raising questions about the value of full-day kindergarten, showing children attending the program in Ontario are no better in reading, writing and number knowledge at the end of Grade 1 than their half-day peers.

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