Friday, January 17, 2014

Principal bullying; teacher evaluation TPAs

School principal bullying and bias in teacher evaluation. I'd never thought about it before. Most of my principals did their due diligence. In Ontario you are either acceptable or not acceptable.
When I was teaching they had four levels. You could never achieve the top category, not unless you 'walked on water.' I finally came to terms with this. These days it is pass or fail. If you fail, there is a template for that! Usually, it means that your competencies are lacking, and they must come up with a plan to help you improve.

I taught beside a man who was having a nervous breakdown. I was asked to watch him for signs. He would bang his yard stick on the desks of students who would talk back to him. It was a terrible situation. Eventually, he took long-term disability.

Ontario has a standard TPA:

Teacher Performance Appraisal System

Mandatory Provincial Forms

The Domains for teacher assessment

  • Commitment to pupils and pupil learning
  • Professional knowledge
  • Teaching practice
  • Leadership and Community
  • Ongoing professional learning


Overall Rating of Teacher’s Performance

(Check the appropriate box.)

[_]  Satisfactory

 [_] Unsatisfactory (If the teacher receives an Unsatisfactory rating, an Improvement Plan will also be developed.)

Bully Principal Costs Fortune | Workplace Bullying Institute 

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    The Myths (And Truths) of Teacher Evaluation Kenneth D Peterson.

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