Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ontario unveils $4-M math upgrade plan amid demands for overhaul

It's not the teachers, it's the curriculum and the math texts.
Seriously, as one educated man wrote: "What kind of math hell is this?"
For the kids who cannot grasp investigative or discovery math strategies, they miss out. If they cannot invent a strategy, they give up. It's the kids most at-risk who give up. We need to teach kids to memorize formulae, which allows them to solve problems in a systematic manner.
Those who do not know their times tables, cannot invent a solution. The further behind they get, the worse students they become.

They cannot comprehend that the 'correct' answer is:

106 ÷ 5 = 32
Some said: 160/30 with a remainder of 10.
Is this ridiculous or not? It boils down to when one should use division, regrouping, and why. Not creating ways to solve math problems.

Ontario unveils $4-M math upgrade plan amid demands for overhaul 
Education Minister Liz Sandals said Wednesday the province will help pay for more current teachers to take advanced qualifications courses in math. It will also make sure people in the new two-year teachers’ college program spend more time learning to teach math.

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