Sunday, November 10, 2013

Remembrance Day - pick up a book

I've done a lot of work every year on this theme. My student enjoyed writing about it, interviewing family members and reading about it.
Many have published autobiographies for us to read. Many of my students lived through war: The Gulf War, some had fled into the hills to avoid war, some were Vietnamese Boat Children, others have been refugees, some from Somalia. We need not educate some kids about war.

Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial

Support Our Troops
I loathed the school assemblies, though. It was an opportunity for parents to do a video of their child, rather than to experience this ceremony. One principal didn't even know to stand up during Last Post. We were all shocked. These days, one cannot see one's own granddaughter for another's ubiquitous iPad held aloft at eye level.
That said, we do a great job in schools. We spend many hours on this subject, which is appropriate, especially with the number of veterans we have from Afghanistan, many of whom are in the news, sadly.


Another death in Afghanistan

Bombardier Karl Manning became the 156th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan and the second to be killed in 2011.
Our Highway of Heroes has honoured the 133 soldiers from those who have died serving others in Afghanistan. The video shows the view from the bridge where people line up as the caskets pass by. 
Here is some information we gathered from the Canadian Legion's publications.(Printer friendly table)
GSPH is a publisher, and has a wide range of books on many topics, including Military autobigraphies.
A Walk in the Valley, by R. C. Kensett.

A history of 413 Squadron, By D. J. Baker.

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