Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Boarding school for toddlers in China

This seems gruesome to me. It can only lead to abandonment issues. The noise of the children in the radio documentary, crying at bedtime in the night, broke my heart.
They say it builds independent children, but we know, in psychology, that children need a strong parental bond in order to succeed ant to fly away as adults.

I'm sure there will be a price to pay in later years for those affluent enough to afford the $1000 per month costs.

Why children as young as three are sent to boarding school in China
BBC News ‎- 1 day ago
By Madeleine Morris BBC World Service, Shanghai ... "We did a lot of research, and discovered that boarding kindergarten benefits outgoing children."

    Lemba, who Madeleine interviewed, with Scarlett and her own children
  • Madeleine Morris visited Fiji and China to investigate different approaches to childcare
  • Part one of her documentary Who's Left Holding The Baby? was broadcast on BBC World Service on 29 October - part two on 5 November

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