Friday, September 6, 2013

Should cell phones be banned from all schools?

Should cell phones be banned from all schools?

cellphone.jpgLast week, Ontario elementary teachers passed a motion to have students turn off and put away cell phones while in school. Ultimately, it is up to school boards to decide how to handle cell phones in school. But the motion has re-ignited the debate about whether a ban is needed. CBC education columnist Joel Westheimer weighs in.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Every Parent Should Know About School

reist.jpgAuthor and educator Michael Reist says kids don`t have to hate school. In his latest book, What Every Parent Should Know About School, Reist says part of the solution is getting parents more involved. So what is stopping you from being involved at your child`s school?

It is terribly sad that an author can build a case for breaking down the system. The young man killed when sawing open a barrel is the perfect example. This was not in the curriculum, but models the independent style the author advocates.
Teachers cannot create 25 - 30 different teaching strategies, nor can they run a classroom to suit every child. They do provide a variety of lessons and lesson plans.
This is why we have special education teachers and not all children are integrated in a classroom, as it may not suit them best.

Yes, an administrator guards a principal, as they have many requirements between student discipline, reporting, monitoring teachers, and cannot drop everything anytime someone walks in the door.

We've learned much about school systems, but it is a system. It is group education.
Not every school needs a gardening program. Ask the kids who just demonstrated 4-H skills at their latest community fair.
Each school is to respond to the needs of the community, keeping in mind good pedagogical standards. We have learned lot about boys and reading, for example, with extensive PD for teachers.
There are vast differences between elementary, middle school and high schools systems.
Vast differences between rural and urban needs of students.

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