Friday, May 31, 2013

Is EQAO testing failing our Ontario children?

I have long been against EQAO testing.

Testing, Assessment & Evaluation

Assessing for Improvement
Why do we test?
It does not diagnose causes for low scores:
  • cognitive, emotional or physical reasons for their inability to achieve.

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Joel Westheimer weighs in on EQAO testing

Not being able to sleep, coming home in tears... For some kids, standardized tests are a major source of stress. So some parents keep their children home on test day. CBC education columnist Joel Westheimer was interviewed about his take on the controversial tests.


Joel Westheimer
University Research Chair and Professor
University of Ottawa / Faculty of Education (Ontario)

Education columnist, CBC Ottawa Morning
Executive director, DemocraticDialogue

Many teachers have reservations about the wide-scale use of standardized tests. But the government mandates their use across Ontario in grades 3, 6, and 9 to test all children's literacy and numeracy. Teachers feel that classroom-based assessment by teachers is the best source of information about student learning.


reg ho said...

EQAO testing is a waste of time and 25 million dollars each year. The test results, not surprising, reflect the sociodemographics of each school. The bigger fallacy is that any teacher can identify who is having problems in the class. "Oh...Billy, Betty, Bob." Does cost millions of dollars or subject kids to the test. The money spent on EQAO should be used to have teachers teach children. Direct instruction has the most effect on a child's education.

Deep P said...

Eqao is a complete waste of time, and saying that it is not going to go on your marks, well get ready for Grade 9 where the Eqao is worth 10% of your math mark

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