Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dalton McGuinty is putting budgets ahead of education

SK art projects - precut means little creativity.
How to avoid day care initiatives, while freezing teacher salaries. How to avoid taxing the rich by taking the bargaining out of Collective Bargaining.

What happened to 'play-based learning?'
He's ending collective bargaining. This is something that is creeping north from the USA. It's no way to improve an economy. Drastic cuts to employment, like cutting back Ontario Parks employees.

He's paying for his initiatives (lower primary classes, full-day kindergarten) by freezing salaries. Full-day kindergarten is simply not as good as quality day care. Kids don't need a full day of PA announcements, student/teacher ratios of 22:1, bells every 40 minutes, 20-minute play periods, crafts that look all the same, pressure to learn and achieve before they are ready.
Free-flowing painting

Sand play

Day care: 8 kids to 1 teacher, family atmosphere, no bells, no principals on the PA system, no noise interruptions. An atmosphere of safety and security. No lockdowns. Free-flowing art, painting for fun, not as an assignment.

First he came for Ontario doctors.
Behavioural Economics Explains Why Ontario Doctors Are So Livid by Steven Lewis
Now its teachers. Next will be police and firefighters, public unions, and who will be left? The MPPs who make $147,000 a year.

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