Thursday, December 1, 2011

Countdown ideas for teachers during this holiday season

I follow a couple of Ottawa bloggers. I read and write about politics, local education news, healthcare issues, as well as having fun sharing photos of cottage country in south east Ontario.
Many cultures have count down celebrations in December, like the lighting of the Menorah in Judaism. I have spent many a wonderful December having students share their traditions, culture and values around this time of year. From pagan festivals, to Eid-ul-fitr.

Many kindergarten and grade 1 classes count up to the 100th day of school. When I taught a split-grade class we were Reading Buddies with a French kindergarten. It was one of the best projects I have ever undertaken. My gr. 4/5s created skits, songs, and poems about the 100th day. We performed them for our buddies.

I found a great idea by an Ottawa news blogger:

@glengower Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Director of Game Entertainment for the . I own and edit . I play the piano.This is a largely fictional account of my life.

He is a parent of young children and decided, rather that the $0.99 advent calendar with the Cheapmart chocolate inside, he was going to make a fun countdown project for his kids. Older siblings, as well as partnered classes, can help out.

This works for Chinese New Year, Hannukah, and any other celebrations we talk about in our classrooms.

Don't you love it?

Many thanks to Glen Gower for permission to share his photo!

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