Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bullying programs

There is much to learn about bullying. It begins with the office, includes principal, other staff, teachers, bullies, and ends with the bystanders.
It especially includes principals who bully.

Bully for you

As Ontario ponders legislation to get tough on bullies in schools, researchers know more than ever about why kids behave like mini Machiavellis - and what can be done about it, writes Joanne Laucius

If the secretary is rude to visitors within the principal's hearing, it's usually a sign that the climate in the school allows the staff to be disrespectful to each other and the students, she says. And that gives the students permission to undermine each other.

One of the programs that has proven effective is WITS, which encourages students who are bullied to Walk Away, Ignore, Talk It Out and Seek Help. Developed by University of Victoria psychologist Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater, WITS is being used in a pilot program in partnership with the RCMP to prevent bullying in elementary schools.

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