Monday, November 21, 2011

Home Day Care Crafts

Isabelle having lunch

I drove the car the hour and a half into the Otto Subaru dealership for a major tune-up. Winter approacheth and rural driving requires a vehicle be kept in shape.

Subaru told me it would be 5 hours for this big tune-up.
They were having fun doing an art project. I was inspired.

I phoned my son-in-law, and asked if he would take in an orphan for the duration. Ma Mére, his mom, was babysitting. I phoned in desperation, hoping someone would babysit *me*!

Like this, Gramma!
With my daughter off on a trip to Washington, studying 'Construction Dewatering' (I kid you not–she's a hydrogeologist!), my son-in-law ('Papa') is working from home as an encryption engineer consultant.

Ma Mére was busy making grilled cheese for them all. (I was still full from my breakfast!) Papa was on a conference call.

We raided Mummy's make-up drawer!
Josephine wanted to make a cat mask. That was right up my alley! I have three degrees in people, B.A. (ECE), B.Ed., and M.Ed.! I can use my skills and training! I so prefer Home Day Care, non-profit day care, nursery schools for preschoolers. In the safety and intimacy of home day care, with caring, licenced professionals, kids thrive. I am against putting kids in school institutional settings in full-day kindergarten. With pupil/teacher ratios that border on criminal, the Home Day Care ratios of 1:5, or public Day Care's 1:8, preschoolers have the opportunity to thrive in an atmosphere love and family. Education is such a political thing.

It's a cute little project, from a 'workbook' one of the grammas gave her. Me, Ma Mére, who knows! We love spotting good buys at craft stores, the second hand stores, used book sales, garage sales!

Jofee wanted green whiskers,
she cut them herself.
Motivated, she will be 4 on December 9th!
 The sheet has a list at the bottom of materials we needed. This is far more organised than I was doing art with my students. I used to find some interesting materials, pine cones, bits of material from crafty parents, felt, and cheap materials. Then present them to my class. Some bright light would create a brilliant model, others would create an individual art project that didn't look like any one else's project.

I loved having open-ended art like this. Kindergarten teachers spend much time pre-cutting materials, ensuring that each craft looks the same. That isn't art. That is structured activity.

We discussed the lesson plan.
I suggested that while the cat in the sample was black,
our cat mask could be any colours we wished it to be!
Kids need opportunities to choose from a variety of materials, come up with a plan, invent a new idea.

Projects need not look like they are fine art, and it is the process, not the product.

Papa found some string -for those ties that bind!

Isabelle laughs at her gramma from the other end of the table!

She loves acting the part of a cat.
Jofee adores our cats, too.
The little bit of red on her cheek was a dab of ketchup! Oops.

Final project done.
Thankfully they took me in. Jofee and I had fun, while Ma Mére had fun with Isabelle.

Below is a video I made of our last forest walk.
The kids visited us and they had a sleepover!

Nothing like the shush of leaves during a forest walk.
It is so much fun being a gramma!

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