Thursday, November 24, 2011

Drama, role play, emotions with preschoolers

We are having much fun with our granddaughters. Ages 4 and 1, it is a great time to have simple play.
Josephine (4) has been taught not to grab a toy from her little sister, Isabelle (1), but to find another toy and exchange. The beauty of this is that young Isabelle has been doing the same with her big sister.

While we are a high-tech family, we find much fun in drama.

We made a fun cat mask last week. Simple, with a few materials.
Drama and role play can be fun, too.

We were sitting on the front deck, talking about emotions. Young kids must be able to identify their feelings, especially with a sibling around.
I asked Josephine to show me: how you feel when...
you meet someone new

you feel sad

you get a birthday present

Mommy says NO!

Isabelle steals your toy

You have a bad dream

you're making a plan

you see a scary movie

We do a lot of dress-up, too. Used clothing stores have been so fun!
I videotaped the Royal Wedding, and we wore hats, gloves, and watched in fun!

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