Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Singing the blues

 Integrated arts, this is the key to a well-rounded education.
I worked with many musicians during Blues in the Schools in 2000, at Blossom Park school. We had such fun watching these great intermediate students having an education in the Roots of Blues music. Suzie and Rick, and the other folks who worked with Bluesfest's BITS, did a great job introducing my kids to music and rhythm.

Some of these kids had never ever attended a musical performance.
Me and TJ Wheeler! Photo by a student.
Maria Hawkins

Derek Debeer
Beautiful mural!

Friday, August 5, 2011

World Views of High Ability Curriculum Theorists

World View

Key Descriptors


School of Thought


Contextualistsocial interactionPortfolioConstructivist
Peter McLaren
Organicistgrowing organismInterprevist

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Critical Thinking Theory

Critical Thinking Theory

data + theory + structure
= information
information + praxis
= knowledge
knowledge + experience
= wisdom
wisdom + discourse
= truth & enlightenment

We cannot simply accept what we read on the WWW, or in other media, as truth.
Incorporating new data into practice requires filtering, development, adoption and the goodwill of all stakeholders. To simply accept data as knowledge is wrong. We must critically reflect on this information, and, with experience, wisdom, discourse we can move closer to truth and enlightenment.
Bloggers, I follow several folks: writers, journalists, and those who look at life around them. It open up my eyes to other person's experiences.  It important to reflect on what we read here.
We must explore truth as we understand it, to come to a better understanding of ourselves and our world. We must question what we perceive as truth, take it out and hold it up to the light in the presence of others to approach enlightenment.
There are many stakeholders in the world. Incorporating new data into practices requires filtering, development, adoption and the goodwill of all stakeholders in education,stakeholders in Long-Term Care, or any other of the helping professions.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teaching is like...

..... always driving your car with the accelerator pushed right to the firewall.

..... a wonderful adventure never knowing what each new day will bring.
Teaching is 3/4 inspiration and 1/4 preparation.
..... juggling jello! Just when you think you have things in control, everything changes!
..... starting afresh everyday. No 2 days are ever the same!!
..... a box of chocolates. Some pieces you really savor and enjoy.........and others you feel like spitting out.
..... an opportunity for a better tomorrow.
..... life: the more you give, the more you receive.
..... a unique job because it is never, ever boring. Difficult, frustrating, challenging, but never boring.
..... being the custodian of many keys.
..... being told to dig the panama canal and all they give you to do the job is a plastic kiddie shovel!
..... canoeing through continuous white water.
.....nothing else on earth
.....floundering around in a dense fog with a lot of much younger people with the occasional glimpse of sunshine to make it all worthwhile

Teaching is

.....like- ly to dominate one's life
.....like- ly to make one cynical, proud, frustrated, angry, happy, sad, etc.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summary Chart of Curriculum Approaches

scientific method
Aims & Objectives~Behavioural
~Content Oriented
~ Competency is outcome-based
~Cultural transmission from teacher to student
~ Complex Intellectual Skills
~ Developmental
~Thinking skills
~Democratic Citizenship
~Dialogue between student & teacher
~ Integrated Objectives
~Interactive flow of information and ideas between student and facilitator
Content~Knowledge viewed atomistically as "objective"
~Content should reinforce traditional values
~Cultural Transmission
~Knowledge is related to mental processes and cognitive frameworks
~Social content focuses on public policy questions
~Thinking skills
~Personal knowledge is as important as public knowledge
~Social content stresses identification and resolution of pressing social concerns.
~Project-oriented, purposeful
Teaching Strategies~Structured teaching approaches
~Transmission of facts & values
~Focus on problem solving and analysis
~Teaching strategies are matched to student developmental frameworks
~Focus on connecting inner life of student to outer worlds
~Divergent thinking is encouraged
Economical orientation:
Small is Beautiful
ResourcesTextbooksVariety of ResourcesHuman Resources Emphasised
Evaluation StrategiesAccountability through testsFocus on how teaching methodologies affect cognitive processesFocus on how the program affects theWhole Child

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