Monday, July 4, 2011

Creativity, Art and the Young Child

I discovered some notes in one of my favourite university text books:
Creativity, Art and the Young Child, by W. Lambert Brittain.

I graduated in 1979, with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. This was a beloved text, as it gave much information about child development through their art.

These are the notes I made...

Our granddaughter, Josephine, is age 3 1/2, and I have just noticed her drawings. She is in the 'early representational' stage.

Her mandalas have arms and long legs.

She is in a fabulous private home day care, with her younger sibling, Isabelle.

Isabelle has just begun to imitate animals sounds. She was 1-year-old on May 7th.

These Key Experiences are important in pre-reading, pre literacy and pre-numeracy skills.

Grandpa (left), Gramma (right)
June 2011

I love watching their development! There are many tests to give youngsters to test their intellectual development levels. This 'draw a man test', is an old one, but illuminating, nonetheless!

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