Friday, April 15, 2011

Teachers advised not to tweet with students

THis is wise advice. For example, I was communicating with students, parents, and they were picking up homework, and getting information by e-mail.
One student started sending me the jokes her friends were sending her. They were risky jokes, some had explicit visual content, and while I found it offensive, I knew that my employer monitors e-mail.

I could have been charged with sending child porn if this e-mail had been intercepted. The employer, is you are using their internet and intranet, have the right to examine your e-mail and judge it as to its content.

Ont. teachers advised not to tweet with students

Social media may be the new frontier of communication but not between teachers and students.
The Ontario College of Teachers says teachers should avoid connecting with their students on Facebook or Twitter. They are also told to avoid contacting them on LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and MySpace.
The college issued an advisory to maintain professional boundaries, saying it's vital to the public trust.
It also says some members have groomed a student for sexual purposes, using electronic messages to win their confidence.

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