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Election unit

Ontario Municipal Election

The 2011 Municipal Elections in Ontario will elect mayors, councillors, school board trustees and all other elected officials in all of Ontario's municipalities. 

1. CheckTo begin: a) Create a title page and a table of contents. Create a KWL chartKWL What do you already know about the election and the electoral province?
 View this Powerpoint introduction to voting in Canada, an overview - based on the book:Canada Votes.
Can you add any information to your chart now? Do you have any more questions?
c) Here are some photos of my bulletin boards: these are the resources we have used in the classroom.
2. L.A.a) What are the qualifications for nomination?
b) What is a 'nomination'?
c) What does it mean to be acclaimed?

3. L.A. VOCABULARYSpelling activity sheet | My Wordsearch Puzzle | My Crossword Puzzle | Glossary of special terms.

c) Here are some vocabulary words you should know:
City Hall
polling station
political party

electoral officer
returning officer
electoral reform
campaign manager
polling agencies

ballot box

d) Using the Municipality e-Guide, what is the purview of municipalites? What can you find out about YOUR municipality? Here is the Ontario Municipalities website.
e) What do you think should be done to resolve these issues. If you were a candidate what would your platform be like?
f) Which of the issues concern you?
4. a) What is the gender ratio of candidates running in this election?

5. Facts and Figures about Canada and voters. This page includes historical facts and a timeline.
7. a) Many newspapers, and other media, have been printing polling information.

i) Do you think that this information is reliable or accurate? ii) Do you think it has a direct effect on the election, rather than reporting news? iii) Does taking a poll change the election results?

Use this organizer for your note taking.<

b) Do you know which rules apply to the Media on Election Day?
Key DatesKey Dates
8. Research on the Election:
You should be aware of the candidates in your riding. Go to Elections Canada and put in your postal code. (If you do not remember your postal code put in the school's postal code: K2E 6M7.)
A) Elector information:Election Process
Am I on the list of electors?
What information do you have on the election?
Where is my local returning office?

B) The voting process:
Where do I vote?
Is there level access at my polling station?
When is my polling station open on election day?
When can I vote in advance?
How do I vote by special ballot?

Visit the on-line, user-friendly guide (for Jr./Intermediates) on voting in Canada hosted by NALD called: "I Can Vote!."

C) Candidates
Who are the candidates in my electoral district?
What do you notice about gender ratios? Compare  the predicted number of women in cabinet federally .
Equal Voice says that few women are running in winnable ridings. Write an essay or present a logical argument on your findings.

What has been happening during the election campaign? Create a timeline of the process.
D) Research a history of democracy (from Wikipedia).
D) Write a 5-paragraph essay on one topic or aspect of the election. It could be a biography, it could be about the slogans, corruption, comparing the platforms of the different candidates, compare voting practices in other countries.
9. History:

b) "Voting in Canada: How a Privilege Became a Right" -CBC Documentary on Equity Issues in the Canadian electoralprocess. How minority groups won the right to vote across history.
10. a) Craig Marlatt's History/Geography work
Explore different Provincial Responsibilitieslevels of government.
AreasAreas of Government
The Government by region
11. The Vote by Mail Process
12. a) Can you answer any of the Poll FAQs?
b) Check out Wikipedia information. Write a report based on this information.
c) What is the difference between municipal, provincial and federal politics? Write a 4-paragraph essay explaining the differences.  and a gr. 8 rubric in .pdf file.
15. Find out what the bloggers and those on twitter (look for hashtags like #onpoli) are saying about the election!

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