Sunday, February 6, 2011

Granddaughter, want to go out and see some deer poo?

Deer pee and poo

Shoo-ur, Gamma!
We did. We went for a walk and noticed the evidence of the deer who had visited our backyard. She was quite excited!

   I loved teaching elementary science. Especially if I could reach them before that ick factor kicked in. We have a bug collector, too. 

When I asked my three-year-old granddaughter, Josephine, she was keen and eager!

I love the outdoors and nature. I love walking outside on a clear, cold day. Who goes there? Reading the forest's story...

I have learned, however, that while most of the forest paths lead back to our house, there are issues with walking on the path.

Rabbit dances around the yard looking for bird seed
Bear evidence in Lake Superior Park

Yes, rabbit!
Talking about bodily functions is an important part of education.

 I think it important to be able to identify body parts. And with a 3-year old around, working on toilet training, it seems a real topic of interest!

I love being able to read the forest, too, with all the evidence of our local critters, and none of the hassles of coming across a bear, coyote, or wolf! We have all of these in our bog and forest.

I recently went for a walk in the forest, and while I thought following the deer path a good one, there were two issues.

1. They don't leave their path to defecate!

2. While being able to stretch up, they can sneak under branches that hit me in the face! 

Hairy fox poo!
Lovely day for a walk, too bad I waited until the clouds covered the sun! The first segment, what happens when you lose your footing. Discovery of deer poo for Josephine (0:18). The beauty of the forest.

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