Sunday, January 2, 2011

Child abuse

It is egregious that some children suffer from Child Abuse. I was involved in the Muskoka CAS, legally known as Family, Youth and Child Services Muskoka. I've met with staff and seen how hard they work.

This video surprises me. It is a dual agency that provides children with foster and kin care, as well as mental health services. The reason I want to draw it to the attention to the educational community is that often teachers are the only professionals involved in such cases. It is the law in Ontario that we report such situations.

It breaks my heart to read of any CAS worker not doing his/her best, many overburdened with complex cases, long driving distances to clients, nowhere for families to turn.

Concerned mother speaks about her experience with the Muskoka CAS from Canada Court Watch on Vimeo.

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