Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spirit of the season

I found December the most fun when teaching. We practiced our beliefs year-round, mind you. 
I loved those AHA moments when they realized that candles and light were infused into their friend's religious practices too!

We always talked about one another's celebrations. I created a questionairre for the kids to interview each other about their celebrations. One December, because of the moon and dates aligning, we had kids celebrating Eid-ul-fitr, Hannukah, Christmas. It was a blessed month with symbols of lights, special foods, music. We share stories and told tales about our special events.
We wrote the 12 Days of Holidays. Gosh, that was funny. We sang it at the December Concert.

The only sad part were the Jehovah's Witnesses who did not. I had Muslim kids making Xmas tree fridgies, Christian kids having fun with the moon and stars (Eid begins when the moon appears), and then the poor JH kid who couldn't do such crafts.

The qrre went flat, too. As I'd planned that they interview one another. Even Diwali, in Oct., was a celebration. This one kid didn't go anywhere, do anything. So sad! 

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