Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teaching Math to intermediate students

Intermediate MATH

This site contains: [My work | Books | External links | Virtual Manipulatives]
My work:
My work:Measurement Ladder | Budgeting Assignment | Graphing Evaluation | Math Journals | Math Activity Checklist
I have found a number of interactive sites that have on-line interactive Virtual Manipulatives.
I use picture books to access vocabulary, prior knowledge and to have students "put on their math hats".
Must have picture books to access vocabulary and activate prior knowledge::

PeopleMathematicians Are People, Too.
Sir Cumference: And the Great Knight of AnglelandSirCir Sir Cumference: And the First Round Table
Sir Cumference: and the Dragon of Pi
Kate Bush sings about Pi!
Sir Cumference: and the Sword in the Cone

Other On- Line Resources

Math Equations (Learn Alberta) Pythagoras' Theorem:
      What is it all about?
Learn Alberta:
      lots of java hands-on activities.
Geometry Work:
Create some Angles and lines - including how to's.

       GSP Problem Solver
Java Sketchpad:
      Try Pythagorus' Theorem here.
Math Games | Brain Teasers | Statistics Canada | Ask Dr. Math | MATH WORKSHEET GENERATOR

Virtual Manipulatives: including various geometry activities
Must-Have manipulatives for Intermediate classes:

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