Sunday, October 31, 2010


A grand time of year. Time for lots of dressing up and fun.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teaching Math to intermediate students

Intermediate MATH

This site contains: [My work | Books | External links | Virtual Manipulatives]
My work:
My work:Measurement Ladder | Budgeting Assignment | Graphing Evaluation | Math Journals | Math Activity Checklist
I have found a number of interactive sites that have on-line interactive Virtual Manipulatives.
I use picture books to access vocabulary, prior knowledge and to have students "put on their math hats".
Must have picture books to access vocabulary and activate prior knowledge::

PeopleMathematicians Are People, Too.
Sir Cumference: And the Great Knight of AnglelandSirCir Sir Cumference: And the First Round Table
Sir Cumference: and the Dragon of Pi
Kate Bush sings about Pi!
Sir Cumference: and the Sword in the Cone

Other On- Line Resources

Math Equations (Learn Alberta) Pythagoras' Theorem:
      What is it all about?
Learn Alberta:
      lots of java hands-on activities.
Geometry Work:
Create some Angles and lines - including how to's.

       GSP Problem Solver
Java Sketchpad:
      Try Pythagorus' Theorem here.
Math Games | Brain Teasers | Statistics Canada | Ask Dr. Math | MATH WORKSHEET GENERATOR

Virtual Manipulatives: including various geometry activities
Must-Have manipulatives for Intermediate classes:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bullying -in Children's advertising

I am all for getting fit. But this add, called The Chase, from the Concerned Children's Advertisers, is disturbing. It features a young boy running from some girls. The point in the ad is to be fit as once they catch him they begin kissing him.

In my mind, I see this as the beginning of bullying.

The ad is meant to encourage fitness, on the Active Living page.

If they kid were faster, he wouldn't have gotten caught. Now, when I was teaching we encouraged the kids to say NO. To GO, and to TELL.

If this were a girl being chased, I would have as great concerns and I imagine it would not be aired.

Isn't anyone else concerned about this?
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