Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Boys Fail

why-boys-fail This is an interesting article "To Fix College Gender Gap, Look at Ninth Grade", based on this book, Why Boys Fail.

Food for thought. If elementary schools avoid holding boys back, and high schools begin to do this, there is a huge gap in how young males will react in grade 9.

This is my experience in elementary school, that principals are reluctant to hold kids back. In fact, if kids learn that they need not try, and we keep moving them forward without assuring that they master curriculum, then high school will be a big shock.

A couple of quotes from this article:

"As we mentioned yesterday, women outnumber men on college campuses by a ratio of 57 to 43. As a result, some colleges are giving preferential treatment to males during the admission process, trying to ensure they get a decent mix of men to women. That practice, in turn, has groups, such as the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, up in arms about gender bias in college admissions."


"In The Chronicle of Higher Education, Whitmire explains that there are 13 percent more males entering ninth grade each year than females. However, on average 40 percent more males are held back in that grade each year."

The article is well worth a read.

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