Saturday, June 5, 2010

False accusations of abuse

Falsely accused teacher struggles to cope

Allegations of sexual touching unfounded, judge rules

A Quebec elementary school gym teacher says he is struggling to rebuild his life after having been falsely accused of sexual touching.

Another story of false accusations. Al who work with children must protect not only the children, but themselves.
  • Never remain in a room alone with a student.
  • If you must, ensure that several students are present .
  • Refrain from e-mailing students.
  • Never be 'friends' with students, on-line or in person. 
  • Remember to maintain professional boundaries.
  • Keep your doors open, if possible.
  • If anything happens, immediately create a written document outlining exactly what happened form your point of view. 
  • If something happens that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your immediate supervisor.
  • Keep information to yourself, peers or colleagues, if accused. Contact your union.
Teacher cleared of sex charges returns to school
Teacher charged with sexually assaulting 19 girls

1 comment:

Grandma K said...

It is sad, sad, sad that these accusations can be given real thought, and that is because of a few (and excuse the not meant pun) bad apples in the teaching corps. Your list is an absolute for any teacher these days. I taught with some young men who didn't realize what could happen. Thankfully, nothing did happen.

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