Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vigilance during bus duty

Young girl hit by SUV in crush of kids leaving London school
Source: London Free Press

CHILD STRUCK: One neighbour said a collision was inevitable

School. Crosswalk. Young child bleeding and screaming in pain.

The scene was gut-wrenching Thursday outside Ealing elementary school after a driver in a red SUV struck a girl leaving school.

"It hurts," the girl cried out as children gathered at a nearby corner to watch what moments earlier had been the chaos of students leaving the school.

Police weren't sure exactly what happened but shooed away a clean-up crew so they could match blood on the crosswalk with statements of witnesses.

A neighbour says a collision was inevitable along the narrow street because before school lets out parents park illegally on both sides, and when the bell rings, kids dart between vehicles.

"I'm surprised it hasn't happened before," Brenda Barfoot said.

The injured child appeared to have a broken leg and was taken by paramedics to hospital to be checked for other injuries.
This happens every day in many, many schools. Bus duty sucks. Many parents have no concept of safety, even when their own children's lives are at stake. I have seen so many close calls and parents ignoring both signage and duty teacher/principals. But they'll blame the school system for sure!

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