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Superhero Powerpoint Project

Superhero owerpoint roject

These are examples of "SuperHero Projects" my gr. 4/5 students created in 2004. I was one of the co-writers for an ECOO publication. It outlined some of the strategies for creating these projects.
Abbey Emily  Kaisa Kara Pauley Philip Jenn Jordyn

Other things to remember for PPT:
  • no more than 10 bullets per page
  • unifying content by clour and design i.e. sub-topics
  • graphics that enhance - rather than overwhelm
  • consistent backgrounds, colours and text
  • suitable font formal vs casual,
  • you can add sound, change slide transitions, make them move about!

This project is a multimedia integrative project designed to meet Junior and Intermediate Expectations. It includes activities intended to foster creativity in the areas of:
• Language Arts skill development: writing, listening and speaking.
• The Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Drama
• Technology Integration
These activities are created in a holistic, multimedia format founded on current brain research and a constructivist approach.

The educator must be careful that they do not use it too much. Teachers balance a huge curriculum and must pick and choose their opportunities.
  • Biography on an Influential Writer
  • English - Language Arts / Writing (Composition)
  • Interactive Map of South America
  • Social Studies / Geography   
  • Musical Theatre
  • The Arts / Music
  • European Influences
  • Social Studies / History
  • Venus Transit Social Studies
  • Social Studies / History   
  • Adding Hyperlinks and Navigation
  • Educational Technology / Multimedia Education  
  • Artist's Critique
  • The Arts / Visual Arts
  • Book Review
  • English - Language Arts / Literature
  • Emerging Civilizations
  • Social Studies / World History  
These lessons are all avilable on-line at Kidz On-line.
Teachers can either teach the basics, or they can send students to on-line tutorials. These are seemingly boundless! I prefer to create a simple template, which scaffolds the process. Students can take the concept as far as they can and many of my fearless students manage to figure out all the bells and whistles. It is a good way to encourage children to think succinctly. Many, when presenting projects, read the entire text. In fact, some adults do the same thing. As student participate in research projects they may better understand the rules about PowerPoInt presentations. They need to keep the text succinct; readers do not want to read paragraphs.
PowerPoint Tutorial | PowerPoint Tutorial 2 | Kidz On-line Training | PPT FAQs |

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