Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jamie Oliver has proven his point

I wrote on My Reflections page about the work Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef, is doing in the US:
Jamie Oliver comes to the continent
It's not a bad show, another reality TV show,  with the players acting more as perfect foils to his plans to reduce obesity in children and improve school cafeteria food. (Did anyone else question this?!)

Not that it matters. His point is well-taken. Cafeterias, especially in high schools, present much of the cup and a quarter of 'veggies' as boiled in oil fries. THAT has to change. Even if parents refuse to becoome educated about this, and teens continue to abuse their bodies this way, school food must change.

Many small school in Ontario do not have cafeteria food, and hot meals at lunch, yet parents would be wise to transfer his knowledge of simple, wholesome food to the box lunches their children take to school.
Yet, many school fund-raising programs involve selling salty, oily popcorn, or pop and potato chips. This appalled me, when I was teaching, but I never made a dent in making change.

Jamie Olive, apparently, is making change in the UK. Good on him!
Here is an excerpt, read the entire article here:

Jamie Oliver's school dinners shown to have improved academic results

Absences down after chef changed junk food menu - a result which is a boost for celebrity as he struggles for US support.
He has been ridiculed by the chat show host David Letterman, accused of high-handedness by a local radio DJ and reduced to tears by recalcitrant fast food-consumers during his war on American obesity. He has even dressed up as a giant pea pod in an attempt to turn the US on to his healthy eating agenda.

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