Monday, April 19, 2010

Children and art

I read an article in which he suggests that teacher do not foster creativity. I agree. Most of the art activities they prepare tend to be the same in the long run. Not me. I let the kids design their own crafts and create unique items from the materials and supplies we had on hand, often fitting with our theme of the day.

On the Importance of Creativity

Fostering Creativity in Children Through Arts

By Ashfaq Ishaq, PhD, FRSA Executive Director, ICAF

Creativity is a quintessential attribute of human beings. When combined with our ability to record and benefit from accumulated knowledge, it makes us the highest-order species on the planet. People throughout history have envisioned their surroundings in new and instructive ways, producing ideas, inventions and works of art that have radically changed life and added to our understanding of the planet and its place in the universe.

He also said,

Traditional schooling and parenting do not generally foster a child’s creativity. Limits are placed on children’s creativity by educational systems that encourage conformity and imitation in learning rather than spontaneity and creative imagination. 

“The mission of the ICAF is to prepare children for a creative and cooperative future. Creativity can be encouraged in a variety of ways, and the arts are a dynamic channel to foster a child’s creativity.” 

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