Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Protecting Sex Offender’s Privacy Trumps Child Safety

In the realm of the ridiculous...from Canadians for Accountability

Jim Black, upset that a sex offender had his teaching certificate restored, was fined $1000 for publicizing his outrage. The Ontario College of Teachers, which is a self-regulating body much like the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, has just released the findings of a disciplinary hearing against Jim Black.

Mr. Black was fined $1000 and banned from teaching for two years for disclosing confidential information about a hearing in which a convicted sexual offender had his teaching certificate restored. He was also publicly pilloried in the magazine Professionally Speaking, which is circulated to about 220,000 teachers in Ontario.

Discouraged by inaction, he sent his concerns to Ontario MPPs and to the media. In 2006, CTV picked up the story. The journalists reported that a repeat sexual offender with teenage students had been reinstated to teaching by the College. Mr. Black was interviewed as part of the story.

This organization, Canadians for Accountability, has been approached by 30 whistleblowers.

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Anonymous said...

If we stand silent, we are to blame for allowing this to continue. Follow the Canadians for Accountability web page and make your thoughts be known to the Ontario Government. But then again, if you think repeat convicted criminals should be allowed to teach your child....say nothing.

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