Sunday, March 28, 2010

Creative Writing Session #6

Our group dwindled from 11 to 6 to 3. This is a bit defeating, as we lose those disinterested, yet gain those who are suddenly keen. Of course, I am happy when they are paroled, and begin a new slate.

But I am finding I am learning from them, as much as we are sharing writing together.

From last week:

Homework: design a writing activity.
Share the activity they were going to design. Bring three words plus a scenario. 
Just like the 'good old days', only one did his homework!

He wrote on our board these words:

sychophant — insatiable — reviled — queried
With the condition that the story had to have closure.

I ended up writing a poem, being uninspired to write dialogue or a plot treatment.

There once was a player named Mick
Insatiable? queried his chick
His girlfriend reviled
All things he defiled
Sychophant wasn't his schtick

gave us a challenge, which he wrote, based on a chalenge from a friend:

Another read his story. We were challenged to write about a
 We each wrote a brief scenario, and read to one another. Here is mine, which I am working on!

Writing a novel/short story
How to write a Novel
See printed work from
We talked about putting plot, setting and character together.

How to Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method —this is a fabulous analogy. Building up a conflict, resolution, further conflict. Well worth the read.

Rap analysis
We talked, briefly, about rhyming schemes. The dead, old, white guys established patterns. There were tricks: internal rhymes, iambic pentameter being the most popular in Shakespeare's time.

Most music is made up of 4 bars, and a measure of 8 bars, one usually has ending rhymes.
But the old folks, like the rappers, have internal rhymes, as well as external ones.   A B A B    or A B A D

The participant who usually writes rap has dropped out, and we didn't belabour the point, but it is worth mentioning.

It's like this, It's like this..
It's like fly in a room, scream, writing on walls
Swear this clone been havin' a ball
Claimin' themselves just before last call
Tic-a-tic-a-toc tic-a-tic-a-toc
Clock strikes twelve, clock strikes one
Smoking gun put these fools on the run
I know it's not that simple, I know it's not that hard
where's your goal

The dusty foot philosopher
Ripping up kilometers
Winking at you officers da dum da dum da dum
The dusty foot philosopher
Sicking up the monitor
Waking up the auditors da dum da dum da dum

[Verse 2]
And I've seen war and some,
Survived the slaughter son,
Kids play cops and robbers and not with the water guns,
So yeah yeah picture me,
And big brotherly,
Walking through the fire,
We came to claim our victory,
And I roll with a harder pen,
I might start a trend,
Beat down a wack MC cause you know there's a lot of them,

Brainstorm a list of 10 different:

Characters            Places            Objects
Animals            Jobs            Time Periods

Write a story based on one from each category.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Good writers have learned to write on computer, I heard at a writer's workshop. And many need to learn the keyboard shortcuts. I realized how much I use them myself. If you are using Word, for example, if you go to edit in the menu bar, you will spot that copy, cut, paste all have keyboard shortcuts that speed the writer up.
Copy => Ctrl + C
Cut => Ctrl + X
Paste => Ctrl + V

—DASH  SHIFT, option, for this keyboard shortcut.

(See handouts, Nancy Atwell's lessons 71 - dialogue)
I gave them a handout of how to punctuate dialogue.
Indenting, brackets, commas, and the like.

We spoke of the Muskoka Writer's Contest,  deadline May 10th, and we may choose to write a story together to submit as a group.


*Sycophancy means: Obsequious flattery; servility. False accusation; calumniation
; talebearing. The character or characteristic of a sycophant.

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