Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olympic Activities Winter 2010

What a great time we had doing this unit. Here come the Winter Olympics.

We studied a lot of different things:
Olympic Unit uses a PPT to create a research opportunity for student

1. Begin with a KWL chart!
2. Write 100 words about one aspect of the Olympics. Do not forget to use the 'hamburger'.
3. Write a newspaper/sports report of an event.
4. Write a 250 word piece about the torch relay.
5. a) 5 paragraph essay assignment

b) Write a Letter to the Editor : based on the topic: "Role Models - Think Again"and present a logical argument.

6. Write 250 words about the medal ceremony.
7. Cloze activity: Fill in the Blanks.
8. a) Crossword Puzzle | b) Wordsearch
9. Check out our photos of this Global Village math/LA activity.
    a) Mapping the World by Heart
   b) If you do not have time to read the book, The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman. Watch the video (on-line) , hosted by MIT.

c) Clara Hughes, our flag bearer, is concerned about others' Right to Play. Not every country can afford to send athletes. Nor can athletes afford to participate themselves.

10. Write about your dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. What would it take to get you there?

11. Opinion chart: for discussion


  1. Look at our chart for medal standings. Make a chart of the top ten countries and their medal standings. We kept track of medal counts.
  2. Compare the gold medal standings, how many medals is the mean, median and mode? Do the same for the silver and old.
  3. Using the medals standings chart on CBC.ca,
  4. We have been keeping a chart about medal standings. Students were required to write 3 conclusions and 2 predictions based on the standings, the number of competitors and the population of different countries.
  5. Compare Canadian medal winners by gender.
  6. We created a chart on opinions and values around sports by gender.
  7. Go to: History of the Winter Olympics Make a graph of the previous medal winnings. Compare and contrast the medal standings between then and 2006.
  8. Are the results that same on Sportsline Historical Data website?
  9. How much would you pay for Tickets to an Olympic event?
  10. You have $100 for souvenirs, which things would you buy? How many euros would you be able to spend? Use the Yahoo currency converter.

Web-based Research

  1. Who are the Canadian Olympic hopefuls? Write a biography of one of them.
  2. Read the headlines: Sportsline Headlines. Which is the most important story to you?
  3. Visit Enchanted Learning: They have great handouts. What do the different rings represent in the logo? What are modern medals made of? What are the Olympic values?
  4. Create an Olympic PowerPoint. Once you have read about the requirements, open the template and begin your task! Remember to plan first!!!!! Include final medal chart standings, scores or speeds for your athlete or sport.
  5. Use this RUBRIC for assessment.
  6. If you are convering a particular sport, write about it - 5 paragraphs.

The Arts

  1. Design your own logo as host country for the Winter Olympics. Which colours will you use and why? What symbol(s) will you use? Create a mascot and a motto.
  2. Design your own medal.
  3. Design your own torch holder and a method to keep the flame alive during the games.
  4. Design a new Canadian uniform.
  5. Integrated Activities e.g, PPT
  6. Write up an e-biography of your favourite athlete.
  7. Write about your favourite sport.
  8. What do you know about the new skating rules?
  9. Invent an athlete, a sport, a country, and a team of participants.
  10. Compare the coverage from various news media.

The Canadian Olympic School Program is delivered online at olympicschool.ca and www.ecoleolympique.ca/. Teacher- and student-specific areas maximize individual engagement and learning experience.

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