Sunday, February 28, 2010

Management Drivel

Politics are a sad thing.
Perception is every thing. Reality is nothing. This is because institutions are run for and by politicians, not front line workers like you and I.

In education, principals develop principals based on memos from head office, no matter that it doesn't make sense for the students. I'm glad I retired!

My RN friend published a post about such. She works in an Emergency Department.

Best Management Drivel. Evuh!

She says, in part,
I am to provide an “experience”, like an amusement park ride. Though I am not quite sure what the “experience” entails.
Have we actually come to the point where we are substituting a perception of good patient care for actual patient care? So it seems.

Yes, it is true. There are times we cannot have a child repeat a grade. There are times when common sense goes out the window. Discipline is hidden behind the importance of sending a child out to recess, rather than working one-on-one in a moment when one can give him or her a little quality time.

When classroom management is driven by upwardly mobile politics/principals who want to be seen doing the right thing,  or aspiring movers and shakers afraid to speak their minds, the whole deck of cards falls.

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Grandma K said...

A big, loud amen!

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