Monday, February 1, 2010

If the world were a village

We read the book: If the World Were a Village. It speaks of world population ratios.
 UNICEF has created a video.
This book is perfect, since we are looking at the spirit of the Olympics, LA, Math:
See also the website that speaks of

This book gives a great launching point for the world, in preparation for the Winter Olympics, talk about the haves and 'have nots' in the world; underdeveloped and developing countries. Talk about countries like Haiti.

   b) If The World were a Village -  picture book. If The World Were A Village DVD.
The animation of If The World Were A Village is available as a DVD or as a VHS tape, in English or in French, at reasonable prices.
To see a clip from the video, please click here.
If the World Were
a VillageThis helps students understand the size of our world. The World is, indeed, flat. We are connected by our planet, our environment and our humanity.

If the world were a village of 1,000 people, it would include:

  584 Asians
*  124 Africans
*   95 East and West Europeans
*  84 Latin Americans
*  55 Soviets (including for the moment Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians and other national groups)
*    52 North Americans
*    6 Australians and New Zealanders

The people of the village have considerable difficulty in communicating:

*    165 people speak Mandarin
*    86 English
*    83 Hindi/Urdu
*    64 Spanish
*    58 Russian
*    37 Arabic
That list accounts for the mother tongues of only half the villagers.  The other half speak (in descending order of frequency) Bengali, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, German, French and 200 other languages.

In this village of 1,000 there are:

*    329 Christians (among them 187 Catholics, 84 Protestants, 31 Orthodox)
*    178 Moslems
*    167 "non-religious"
*    l32 Hindus
*    60 Buddhists
*    45 atheists
*    3 Jews
*    86 all other religions


Food we eat: most in the world eat chicken:

(BCE is the politically correct term for Before the Common Era - NOT: BC - Before Christ)

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