Friday, January 8, 2010

Peanut allergies

I am so shocked with this ruling. Transportation giving Air Canada 30 days to create a plan for a woman with a nut allergy. This isn't a rights issue. It is a health issue. Nuts on airplanes

There are these stories...
How do you balance one's rights over another? My right to take a snack on board a plane that meets my needs vs. someone's rights to being protected from same snack?

I taught 25 years and over time we went from no-peanut classrooms, to no peanut elementary schools. I had one class in which two students had anaphyalctic allergies. We managed with no incidents.
From there, in a sheltered atmosphere, kids go to high school with a cafeteria.  There was a death in a high school where a student chose to eat something in a cafeteria. She had a false sense of security. She let her guard down and she lost.

This is the real world. People do bring food onto planes. Kids go into schools and need snacks. Forcing those with peanuts to sit and eat in one place punishes them for something not their fault. Not allowing kids to eat in their own PBJ sandwich classroom is bizarre. We taught the kids to be proactive. They were prepared with epipens, and emergency plans. One of my students was anaphylactic and diabetic. We managed just fine.

I had to quit a job for health issues. People make compromises. This woman needs to get real. She needs to cooperate with this company with whom she has a business arrangement, or go elsewhere. She needs to be proactive.

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