Tuesday, January 5, 2010

discipline in middle school

Discipline in Middle Schools

How important it is to have administrative support in this area. Over the years we have been hard-pressed to find principals willing to risk the ire of parents and the press in establishing tough standards of behaviour in some areas. The very best schools have a time out room which wasn't fun, where a teacher can monitor students who are disinclined to allow their peers to get an education.

The Toronto District School Board is debating the issue of middle school students from leaving the school during lunch time [NP]. The theory is to prevent them from visiting convenience stores where they might access unhealthy on potato chips, chocolate bars, and caffeinated cola.
Aside from the health concerns, I think it a good idea to keep such kids on the property. I think they ought to keep unmonitored kids out of the hair of store owners.

It is impossible for the school to monitor the kids. I imagine store owners would rather keep kids away from potential trouble, and on school yards. Having worked in a middle school, I have seen the behaviour of kids, in the company of possibly trouble makers who may be prone to showing off in peer's company.

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Grandma K said...

I retired early because I was trapped (a terrible way to put it, but true) in a middle school where the administration was so passive we termed the school one where the inmates ran the institution. Learning was nonexistent. If there were a confrontation between a teacher and a student, the teacher was suspect.

As for turning the kids out at lunch is a terrifying thought. The shop keepers would hate it, and I don't blame them.

The middle schooler can be a great kid. I enjoyed interactions with them, but when I needed outside help - I needed it. Letting them run on their own is just not a good idea. They are subject to peer pressures, and their frontal lobes which control acting out haven't matured yet. They are impulsive.

So it it not only their possible misbehavior, but they would be put at risk in some areas by the general public. Not a safe thing at all.

Sorry for the soap box, but this is a hot button for me. Couldn't tell, could you? LOL

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