Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creative Writing Class #2

Well, any good teacher debriefs her lessons. My Pen Men, in class #2 revealed my lack of success!
We talked about the best part from week one, and that seemed to include the meditation.

From a class of mixed ages, and 11 participants, session #2 went down to 5 participants.
What do you think I did wrong? Hard to say. I'm not taking personally, though, as they have busy lives and other priorities. We even changed the night to accommodate one participant who didn't show up!

This was the revised plan, as of the afternoon of the evening of the session...

Creative Writing Session #2

1.   How are you feeling today? Handout - -Said is dead, so is so
This handout worked well: a 'feelings' sheet, that speaks of various feelings other than 'mad, bad, sad'! I explained that said is a word that should be dead in any piece of writing. 'SO', as well, is overused and unnecessary.

 2. How to get a book published. Long talk, with examples and sharing from the men. A couple of them have books on the go. We talked about Terry Fallis' success with podcasting his book. Look him up!

3.   Why do writers write?
-      Essay Writing
-       handouts for those pursuing formal courses
                                              i.     5 paragraph checklist
                                            ii.     Hamburger Paragraph
                                          iii.     Story Structure
                                          iv.     Rubric for writing
-       The writing process – quote

4.   A 20-page book project? Have the 'book' bound?
-       -poetry samples
-       Mine: CHAPBOOKS- the way to get poems published
-       -poetry prompt 1001 nights, the late Lhasa De Sela
6.   100 word paragraph - homework
Guided Meditation: on a quiet place, a safe place: what does it look like, sound like, smell like?
7.   Credo -
-Ten Reasons for swearing – Dear Abby poster!


A.   I'd like to explore letters and letter writing.
-Letter formalities
-Letter of affirmation
I left this until the next lesson

 B. History of punctuation.

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