Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art for fun

I must admit, as a teacher, that my art lessons were fun. There were no put-downs. We understood, especially in the arts, that one and all bring talents and experiences. Kids who excelled in MADD (Music/Art/Dance/Drama!) did not necessarily shine during the Track and Field competition.

I loathed art that looked all the same. I encouraged kids to be creative and normally presented a set of materials and had the kids dig in. Eventually, one skilled crafter would create a great idea and in a spirit of sharing, they would help those less able, through lack of ability or disability, to put together a plan. Those were blessed moments.

Everyone took a photo of their own art, and put it on their web page. Of course, some were better artists than photographers, but I digress!

My favourite activity was one created by my Core French teacher. They all had to create an alien, determine its characteristics, build it in plasticene, and then I helped the kids take a photograph. We made an iMovie of the resulting set of photos.

Tye Dye day was a fun one. Sponsored by the parent council, we all took turns.

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