Sunday, December 27, 2009

Travel to another world

I just finished watching the APTN People's Choice Awards. What a powerful message.

The tributes, expecially, to Buffy St. Marie were fabulous. Buffy is a hero, in my eyes. A mover and shaker in the Indian world, she raised the profile of her people. In the days of protests, she chose her battles, and with a Ph.D in Fine Arts, produces state of the art work. a fabulous website.

I visited the website: and found a ton of information I could have used back in the day.

My adult children bought me the latest Buffy St. Marie CD, Running for the Drum, and I am thrilled with it. I saw this information featured on the CD ROm. What a wonderful tribute to an incredible career. I spent many years working with students, and teaching them  native studies. It is part of the Gr. 6 Ontario Curriculum.

After a five-year stint on Sesame Street, she raised my awareness. In the world of educational children's TV, she introduced many topics on this program that had never before been dealt with. I very much enjoyed watching this show with my kids back in the good old days.

My favourite field trip was to the International Aboriginal Festival in Ottawa. These are amazing opportunities to share aboriginal culture.

I urge you to explore the richness of native culture.

Their unique interactive multimedia CD SCIENCE: Through Native American Eyes is in use by teachers and students from grades 5 through college level. Manitoba school districts have a lot of resource materials. I have ordered many materials over the years, attended many a Pow Wow. But I must go back to my CD.

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