Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A new project

With great excitement, I have volunteered to facilitate a Creative Writing program in two institutions.
I have been rereading my curriculum materials, generating a list of supplies, putting together the opening activities, and generally determining the entry plan for this project.

I have had a training workshop, established security clearance, I have a photo ID badge, and visited the two sites. Code of ethics agreements have been signed and I am nearly ready to put plans on paper.

Opening activities will be introductions, and a request that participants introduce themselves and explain what they hope to get from the hour and a half we spend together.

My first job is explaining that there are many myths around writing, creative writing, and poetry, but
  • poems do not have to rhyme
  • anyone can write
  • not all teachers are horrible people
  • spelling doesn't count (this is why we have editors!)
I teach writing as a process, and work hard to facilitate creating a product, but it isn't the product that is the important part.

What I hope to get from my participants is to learn from them and refine my skills as a facilitator. I love reading and writing. I have read many books written by those who teach writing; Natalie Goldberg, Nancy Atwell, to name a few.  I gave away most of my books to teachers still teaching.
But I have embedded all of these strategies into my teaching practice and can bring them out when I know I need them. A teachable moment.

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