Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Make Reading Easier

1. Scan for the numbers, (i.e. dates, percentages, italics, bold print, names, places.)
2. Read the title.
3. Read all the subheadings and captions.
4. Read the picture.
5. Think about what you already know about the topic.
6. Identify the main idea.
7. Look for cognates: words that look or sound like English words.
8. Look for words you are familiar with.
9. Look for content clues.
10. Use other resources, i.e. dictionaries.
11. Read for understanding. Re-read the text to be sure.
12. Ask yourself questions as you are reading.
13. Think as you read: keep an AHA! Chart.

14. Keep sticky notes nearby, jot Q.


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