Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guiding Reading

From Guiding the Reading Process, David Booth, Pembroke Publishers, 1998.

a. What were your expectations when you began reading this book?
b. Did you change your mind as you got into the book?
c. What puzzles grew out of reading this book?
d. What did you learn about life from the book - about different places, about history, science, religion etc.
e. Did the author have enough background about the content of the book to help you learn more as a reader?
f. How fast did the author move the plot along?
Who was the voice the author chose as narrator - first person,third person, a storyteller, a different voice, or the author himself or herself? Did this style work well?
g. What was more important, the plot or the characters?
David Booth goes on to list another 30-40 questions to help focus student thoughts and responses to the text.

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