Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Students accused of abusing peer

By law, ANYONE in a position of authority MUST report child abuse directly. Not the principal, not the parents. The teachers. Their teaching certificates should be taken away if they are found guilty of a cover up. This private school should be fined, if these are proven to be facts. 

What a criminal story. Blaming the victim by covering it up. In some instances, the child is not telling the truth (stories abound of false accusations), but  in many instances, when a child discloses, the adults do not believe him/her. It is not a teacher or principal's job to determine if the accusations are true. It is up to child protection agencies to do the work. In this case, according to the Globe, there was no disputing of the facts, but there was a cover up. 

If a child discloses, remain calm, do not overreact, reassure them, listen and report the incident immediately. (CLEOnet.ca) 

This sets us back 30 years. Canadian authorities have learned so much about reporting child abuse, and ensuring that such a thing never happens again. I hope the truth comes out. 

CLEO writes:
If you are not the child's parent . . .
If you are not the child's parent and a child discloses any kind of abuse to you - you are under a legal obligation to report this to the police. Although your first reaction may be to pretend not to hear it, or pass your concerns along to the parents, this is not the appropriate action. The child is putting his or her trust in you as an adult. Help the child. Call the police and child protective services immediately.

The teacher, the administrators need to report these incidents to the authorities. What a breach of trust. The victim will need counselling and those who witnessed the incident (whether they participated directly or not) can suffer PTSD consequences, as well. The gang that perpetrated this alleged crime, are at risk for reoffending. This type of incident desensitizes the perpetrators, which is partly why statistics show that victims often become abusers themselves. You live what you learn - whether it be physical, social, emotional or sexual abuse.

Source: www.theglobeandmail.com
Statement of claim filed by parents against Ashbury College says their son and his two siblings were treated like assailants and 'effectively expelled'

Prevalence of child physical and sexual abuse in the community ...

A history of child physical abuse was reported more often by males (31.2%) than females (21.1%), while sexual abuse during childhood was more commonly reported by females (12.8%) than males (4.3%). Severe physical abuse was reported by similar proportions of males (10.7%) and females (9.2%). A greater percentage of females reported a history of severe sexual abuse (11.1%) compared with males (3.9%). 

Child Abuse Reporting Trends

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Reports to the Ontario Child Abuse Registry from 1979 to 1985 increased threefold from. 700 to 2200, with child sexual abuse reports accounting for most.

CLEONet - Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

community legal education in Ontario. A project of CLEO logo. Reporting Child Sexual Abuse. This guide is meant to help parents and guardians.

Child Sexual Abuse - Circle of Trust Abuse Resources : The Zero ...

Report from the Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, 2000, regarding sexual abuse and exploitation in Canadian schools.

Protecting Our Students - Executive Summary and Recommendations
Report from the Ontario Ministry of Attorney General, 2000, regarding sexual abuse and exploitation in Canadian schools.

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