Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day in schools

I spent many hours working with students on this topic. I know of military families who travel to Cenotaphs, especially the one in Ottawa. Today, Prince Charles will be attending this one.

There are those who disparage our schools and the general public, who are apparently unaware of Remembrance Day, and its significance. In my mind, I truly believe that we do a fine job in the schools, and this is where the truth lies.

In fact, this is the first time in a long time, that war has had an impact on our young children. A high school honoured a graduate who died in Afghanistian. Some have lost significant others: Canada has lost 133 soldiers and this impacts the entire military family.

Ceremonies continue at Cenotaphs across our nation. They are not forgotten. Pick up a book, or visit a website and find out more.

We honour our men and women. 

Our Highway of Heroes has honoured the 133 soldiers from those who have died serving others in Afghanistan. The video shows the view from the bridge where people line up as the caskets pass by. 

Peacekeeper Penpals...... My grade 6 class at Manordale P.S.,  in Nepean [Ottawa], wrote to  Canadian Peacekeepers. Dennis  Irwin wrote us back. The students  were thrilled! 

Dear Ms. Jilks' class, Here are some pictures of our trip over  in the Arabian Sea.  Maybe your  students might enjoy seeing them!        

The HMSC Preserver- The supply ship I am sailing on! This is our ship fueling with another ship at sea. See the big  hose between the ships?   The Iroquois is a lot older. It was built in around 1971-72. Dolphins come right up to the ship and play by showing off, all the time. They will dive  under the ship and come up on the other side. They are fun to watch. We have seen sea  snakes and large sea turtles this trip. This is an Iranian gunboat checking us out  because we were just outside their 12 mile  limit. This a gold jewelry store on a street in Dubia U.A.E. which is on the  very tip of Saudi Arabia. There had to be well over 100 of these  stores all on a couple of streets. This what the sunsets are like nearly every night. Justice's Ostinato was performed in an assembly. 


He e-mailed us some  photos, too.

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