Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Request for vacation work

There are reasons for students not to be in class: travel, tournaments, family vacations.

In this case, rather than putting together a package of materials, I send home a letter. It is not sensible due to changes in plans, and text books are at risk on vacation. I would be saying this: Dear Parent:

Your request for vacation work within the school year is difficult to honour.

Our Math is activity centered and depends upon a careful delivery of an introduction to a concept, practice questions and follow-up homework. Our Social Studies, Science and many other subjects follow the same format.

Currently we are working on a __________ Unit. Progress depends upon the mastery of the concept by each individual in the class. You child could spend some time reviewing these concepts now.

Our Social Studies work revolves around numerous group activities in order to fulfil the expectations of the grade 6 curriculum. It is difficult to replicate these activities outside of the classroom, since the focus is also the group interactions. We are anticipating studying ___________. In __________ we are going to look at ____________.

My programme is built upon a community- centred, active learning group approach, which is concept-based and cannot be replaced simply by homework assignments.

While you are away I would suggest that your child :
=>keep a journal
=>keep track of money spent
=>locate your holiday destination(s) on a map, collect maps, brochures and posters
=>collect maps, brochures and posters
=>prepare a presentation about the holiday

Students look after each other and keep track of handouts, which will be saved for the student. It is up to the student, when s/he returns to find out the particular assignments that have been missed and do some of these activities for homework.

I am available, during limited recess time, to briefly review this work.

Ms. J.


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every parent should give it a reading...

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